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Petervale Farm is an 89ha organic farm, situated in the Ceres Valley, South Africa and has been in the Roux family for four generations.

The farm itself is extremely fertile and supports many different types of crops. The farm was converted in the year 2000 from a conventional apple and pear farm to a diversified organic farm.

After the conversion, the farm downscaled its pear and apple orchards. The majority of the apples are now used to produce organic apple juice, which is pressed on the farm. We also have an almond orchard, quite a few pear trees, a large vegetable and soft fruit garden.  Petervale also has a small dairy herd, two donkeys, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, an ostrich, beehives, chickens, geese, ducks and a pot-belly pig called Henry.

The farm has a large pine forest situated at the foot of the beautiful skurweberg mountains. There are two large dams which supply all the water for irrigation and a natural spring, which supplies all our households with drinking water. There are several pastures for grazing, with a portion of the farm left uncultivated. This is done to encourage an abundance of wildlife on the farm.



Training programme:

Petervale Guest Farm is committed to the training of young black African potential farmers.It is our aim to inspire and encourage more young black Africans who are interested in farming and to uplift the local community through this project.We have a profit sharing programme which aims to show these young farmers that there is a future in farming. We are passionate about passing on any knowledge and experience we have grained through sustainable organic farming methods.

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