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The Petervale Guest farm Property is used entirely at the risk of the Guest and children of the Guests party (as listed below). Neither The Petervale Guest Farm, the Owner, nor the Owners Employees, are responsible for any injury, accident, death, prop­erty loss or damage, loss of physical or mental enjoyment, expense, cost or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused to the Guest or any child of the Guests party, by or arising out of the use or occupation, or the condition of the Property. The fact that children may be permitted on the Property does not imply that the Property is without risk to children.

I,the undersigned, [“The Guest”)agree as follows:

  1. I/We are occupying the Petervale Guest Farm [“The Premises”] at my/our own and sole risk and are using the facilities on the Premises entirely at my/our own risk and l/we hereby indemnify and hold harmless the owner of the Premises and their employees, (‘’the Indemnified Party’’) against all liability for any and all claims whatsoever and howsoever arising, including without limitation, any consequential loss claim, arising from and including without limitation, any loss, theft, or damage to my/our property (whether corporeal or otherwise) or any illness, injury or death which may arise irrespective of the cause of any such loss, theft, damage, illness, injury or death and in particular, whether arising through negligence or recklessness and whether liability would be vicarious or not.
  2. I/We irrevocably waive any and all claims (including future claims] l/we may have against the Indemnified Parties and irrevocably indemnify the Indemni­fied Parties against any and all claims that may be made against the Indemnified Parties by myself/us, my/our dependants, my/our invitees and/or any party gaining access to the Premises through me/us.
  3. I/We indemnify the Indemnified Parties against any and all claims against the Indemnified Parties arising from any act or omission, whether culpable or otherwise, of myself/us, my spouse, my/our dependants, my/our invitees and/or any party gaining access to the Premises through me/us.
  4. This agreement shall be effective and binding on me, my spouse, my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators and assigns in the event of my death.

RESPONSIBLE Parent: (The Guest)  acknowledging my authority to sign this document & understanding of the above RELEASE/VAIVER OF LIABILITY & INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, & responsibility for this agreement related to all the listed guests below.

The laws of South Africa shall govern this Agreement; the singular will include the plural. If there is more than one Guest, the covenants, agreements and acknowledgments of each person comprise the Guest.

Notice and Agreement 

  • By entering Petervale Guest Farm, you agree to do so entirely at your own risk and to indemnify the owners and all entities and persons responsible for, or working on the farm, from liability for any death, injury, illness, or loss of or any damage or destruction to property (including consequential damages)

Vrywaring en Ooreenkoms

  • Deur Petervale Gasteplaas te betree, stem jy ooreen om dit heeltemal op jou eie risiko te doen, en om alle eienaars en entiteite en persone verantwoordelik vir, of wat werk op die plaas te vrywaar van aanspreeklikheid vir enige besering, siekte, dood, of verlies van of skade aan of vernietiging van enige eiendom (insluitend gevolglike skade)

Cottage Terms and Condition

  • By paying a deposit to secure your booking you agree to our terms, conditions and indemnity.
  • Minimum 3 nights booking policy on long weekends.
  • 50% deposit required to secure all cottage bookings.
  • Balance due 4 days before arrival. All bookings to be paid in full 4 days before arrival date.
  • You are required to pay for the amount of people you book for.
  • Arrival time from 2:30pm unless otherwise agreed. Check out time is 10:00am unless otherwise agreed.
  • Check out time on Sundays is 4:30pm unless we have new guests arriving, in which case it is 10:00am.
  • (Once you have checked out you are more than welcome to stay on the farm for the rest of the day.)
  • We do not provide in house service. We will however offer to do a change of bedding and towels after four nights.
  • You agree to leave the cottage in the state you found it (This includes the washing up of dishes used)
  • Day visitors by prior arrangement only please.
  • The number of people is restricted to the number of beds per unit.
    (If management suspects that the above rule is being transgressed, they reserve the right to carry an inspection of the unit anytime during the day or night) 
  • Please note: No pets allowed.
  • Please note: No smoking allowed in our cottages.
  • Right of admission reserved

Campsite Terms and conditions:

  • We do not allow any music at our campsite. This includes music played with a cell phone. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in guests being asked to leave. 
  • We are a family friendly destination and will not put up with people wanting to party at our campsite. 
  • Right of admission reserved
  • By paying a deposit to secure your booking you agree to our terms, conditions and indemnity.
  • Minimum 3 nights booking policy on long weekends.
  • You are required to pay for the amount of people you book for.
  • All bookings must be paid in full before arrival.
  • Arrival time from midday unless otherwise agreed.
  • Check out time is 11am unless otherwise agreed.
  • Sunday check out time is 4:30pm provided there are no other guests arriving in which case it is 11am.
  • No day visitors allowed unless otherwise agreed.
  • Freezer and power points at our washing up area for the use of our guests.
  • No power at individual campsites.
  • No extension leads will be allowed to run to campsites from washing up area.
  • No pets allowed. 
  • Right of admission reserved.


  • Cancellations made before 14 days of the arrival date will result in a cancellation fee of 20% of the quoted amount.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS for cancellations made within 14 days of the date of arrival.
  • Early departures are non- refundable.
  • Shifted bookings are non- refundable.
  • Bookings will only be shifted to alternative dates if we are able to find a replacement booking.
  • Our cancellation policy is subject to changes at any time.

Petervale Rules – for your safety, and ours

For your Safety

We do not allow smoking in our cottages.

The number of people is restricted to the number of beds per unit.
(If management suspects that the above rule is being transgressed, they reserve the right to carry an inspection of the unit anytime during the day or night) 

Farms, by their nature present many safety risks, and parents and/or adults are responsible for the supervision and safety of children in their care at all times, and particularly while they are swimming, boating, walking on the farm and visiting the farm animals.

Guests and visiting children may not

  1. Touch farm machinery or vehicles, or ride on farm vehicles.
  2. Enter farm working areas, buildings for enclosures or fields where there are animals.
  3. Provoke or try to ride on any animals.
  4. Interaction with farm animals should be guided by one of the farm staff.


Children may not climb on the mountain or go to the waterfall without adult supervision.



This is a high fire risk area. Fires in farm areas can cause millions of Rands of damage, and whoever causes a fire can be held liable for the costs of the damage. To avoid causing a fire please,

  1. Make camp fires only in designated fire places at camp sites.
  2. Do not make unnecessarily large fires which may ignite the trees above your camp site.
  3. Never leave a fire unattended – put out your camp fire thoroughly with water on going to sleep or on leaving your camp site. The wind can come up and reignite coals that are not properly put out.
  4. Open fires are a danger particularly for young children – never leave them alone near a fire.
  5. Make sure that children do not have access to matches and lighters and do not light ‘play’ fires.
  6. No fires, braais or smoking on the mountain or at the waterfall, or in the forests or fields
  7. If you see any smoke on the farm that is not from a Petervale camp fire or cottage, or on nearby farms or the mountain, please call us immediately – response time is critical to prevent fires from spreading.

Reuben 076 774 6432  Farm house 0233 13 4517

In the unlikely instance where we are not contactable and there is obviously a veld, forest or mountain fire, please call the firefighting services on 021 887 4446


  1. If a fire occurs on or threatens the farm, e.g. from the mountain side, campers and guests in cottages should move their vehicles to the open main farmyard area next to the kraal / dairy, but do not obstruct firefighting vehicles traveling towards the fire.
  2. Anyone who volunteers (only over 16) to assist with firefighting does so at their own risk. Proper shoes or boots are essential. This will be mainly to help prevent fires crossing firebreaks, where your safety is not at risk. Do not enter bush or wooded areas where a fire is burning.



Guests come to Petervale to enjoy the peace and quiet. Please do likewise and consider your neighbours.

  1. No electronic music what so ever. This includes music played from a cellphone – Failure to adhere to this rule will result is guests being asked to leave. There will be No refund to guests if asked to leave.
  2. Quiet after 9 pm and complete quiet after 10 pm. Many campers and especially children go to bed even before this.
  3. No parties, excessive drinking / drunkenness / loudness
  4. No generators or other noisy equipment



  1. Please make sure that no litter including cigarette butts is left anywhere at your camp site or on the farm.
  2. Please separate your rubbish and put what can be recycled in the designated containers. All organic waste should put in the compost bin
  3. Take care that packets, papers, etc. do not blow into the dam or area around you camp site.


Any violation of the above-mentioned rules gives the management the right to evict the visitors and his retinue from Petervale, without refund of any money already paid.

Thank you for being a safety-conscious and responsible guest, and helping to make Petervale a place you’d like to visit again!

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